Cheap Date Night Ideas For Millennials

Cheap date night ideas

Atlanta Edition

Cheap Date Night Ideas in 2018

Date night ideas
CNBC chart on how much money the average millennial has in savings

I get it. We are all broke. It’s pretty hard dating without money so don’t have to rub it in, CNCB!

Can you impress her with a simple walk in the park? Will being broke hurt your chances of her falling for you?

Or worse… will she will think you are cheap? He are some fool-proof plans for some cheap date night ideas.

Pick one of these locations based off the personality and interest of the person you’re dating.

Then, rinse and repeat.


You can do this in any city, but I will use it Atlanta as a reference point.

Dating without money doesn’t have to be boring. But, please be realistic. You cannot have a date with $0 in your pocket.



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The Park

Many parks in Atlanta, like Piedmont Park, are excellent places to take your date, even if you are married. A nice view at a park can help the non-social, quiet speakers or stressed out partners.

Dating without money isn’t a bad thing but a simple walk in the park will not suffice for thoughtfulness.

After reading this amazing article on CupofJo’s Blog, A Secret to a Happy Marriage, this aspired me to mention this secret to as a first date or consistent date night strategy.

date night ideas
(Photos by Ana Gambuto for Cup of Jo.)

Jane: Candles, because we’re here past dark. For food, we bring two good things, which is usually a big salad and steaks or lamb chops. And cheese tonight, of course.

Why? A simple walk could work but the thoughtfulness that is required for intimacy will require more.

Two chairs, food and a bottle of wine (Merlot, Moscato and Chardonnay)

Why is this so important?

Enjoying an intimate moment where you both can sit down and learn each other will build a memorable moment for the rest of your lives.


Cochran Mill

FYI! You might get lost because we got lost multiple times.

If she is an active person, a dog person or a person that loves the outdoors then a fun hike will be amazing. Please tell her to wear running shoes.

We love Cochran Mill Park because of the beautiful waterfalls and fun trails.

date night ideas
Cochran Mill

I recommend the Orange Trail for beginners because my wife and I almost died because we wanted to go and tackle the longest trail first.

Download the app here.

Take plenty of water. Here is some cheap, high-quality hiking bags.

Beside the bags and water, we spend maybe $5.00 on parking and $5.00 on salty, sweet snacks.

If you bring your dogs (doggy date are easy first dates, hint hint!), don’t forget some doggy bowls.

And make sure your phone is on 100% or bring a portable battery phone charger. Please!

You can play in the waterfalls or enjoy a quiet moment of a well-planned day.

Take mosquito spray and sunscreen and all the small things you might need. The same thing applies to Kennesaw mountains and other hiking trials (Arabia Mountain or Stone Mountain).


Pike Lake, Georgia, Duncan Park or the W downtown Atlanta (The W cost $20 per person for admission, though)

date night ideas
Atlanta Hotel Rooftop Pool | W Atlanta – Downtown

I recommend this for summer women that enjoy the water, tanning and swimsuits.

If you do not have any money but surprise her with a swimsuit, she will love it.

Just don’t get the wrong size.

Here’s a link to some of the cheap swimsuits that women-approved under $15 (Just sort by price and be amazed)!

Can you say cheap dating night ideas or what?

Don’t forget to get a few items like sunscreen and floats so you can have an amazing time.

These are a few ways to make a cheap date as fun. I will keep this blog updated and a seasonal events to keep you posted.

Tell me if you want any ideas and cheap dates that will benefit our fellow millennials. Let me know if you want us to do a blog for your city but for the most part you can implement these ideas. Tell me what you think.


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P.S How to develop your relationship and the secret of a what women want in a man


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