Driving Lessons – Another Crazy, Marriage Story

driving lessons

My wife asked me to teach her how to drive a car. Woo-hoo! She wants driving lessons from me. 

After she got her learner’s, I told her she will have her license (yes, license) in less than a week.

So how could I accomplish this with a person that never drove before?

Don’t try this at home! (Please)

After the Learner’s test, I directed her to drive.

She was getting comfortable, so I told her to get on the highway (ironic, right). After she thought she got the hang of it, I told her to get in the fast lane.


​It was so crazy. We were doing like 90 from Forest Park to Hampton GA because she was too scared to switch lanes. And, she almost crashed like 10 times.


She learned how to drive a car in almost one day. Insane?

Maybe. Shake and bake! Those are driving lessons straight from Ricky Bobby!

She got a high score on the driving test so if you’re not first you’re last.

P.S Here the story on how we met.

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How was your driving lesson? Did the person that taught you have any insane methods?

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