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How We Met

How We Met?

My favorite story is the “How we met story?” Well, sit back and enjoy!

On a quiet night a few days before Atlanta’s snowpocalypse, I was driving down North Avenue on the way to Kroger’s.

When I got to the lights at Glen Iris Road, I seen a beautiful face look at me from her 2010 Honda Fit.

​I smiled.

She smiled back.

As soon as I try to get her attention to see if we can further this smiling contest, the light changed green.

She quickly sped away. Desperate to get her to notice me, I merged aggressively to get back beside her.

When the car in front of me didn’t move, I sped around them holding my horn.

Unfortunately, it was a red light already and I rammed into the back of her car.

After I got out the check to see if she was okay, she gave me an ear full. After she stopped, I told her you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. And the rest was history.

In my dreams of course.

She probably would kill me if I told you that story but it’s okay. Yeah, I Know! That’s Not How We Met But The snow apocalypse did happen, and it was a late night.

I seen her on my 1-hour bus ride home. (Not-so-glamorous, right?)

Close to the end of the ride, she got on the bus. She looks to the back of the empty bus, then turned around.


When the bus reached its final stop, she jetted off the bus toward home. I tried to catch her as I power walk behind her.

“Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second.” I said with my phenomenal British accent.

“Hello.” she said back.

I asked her how she was doing and complimented on her clothes insinuating she must be from out of state. She laughed. I asked her for her phone number.

She replied quickly, “Why should I give you my phone number?”

I told her because she is very attractive, and I too am attractive, and the rest was history.

Well maybe not history yet…

She still didn’t give it to me and I asked her again. Then she rushed through giving me the number which turns out was the wrong number the first time I asked her. Then, she gave me the right number. Yeah, I know! Don’t rub it in. But then it was history!


What was your first time meeting each other like? Be honest!

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