Relationship Building – 9 Little Known Ways

relationship building

Don’t Overlook These Basics: Relationship Building Tips

Many people meet someone good but don’t know how to get their relationship to the next level. If there was a check list for relationship building and development, what are some tips that can turn your dreams into reality? If this is your first time here, leave a like & subscribe to see more content like this. You may be surprised that one of these tips can kick-start your relationship into something awesome.

Here Are 9 Tips You Should Focus on for Relationship Building and Development:

  1. Lay Foundation, Priorities and Direction
  2. A Relationship Must Started After Courtship
  3. No Sex
  4. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations
  5. Planning For The Future
  6. Cultivate Weaknesses
  7. Don’t Judge Shortcomings or Failures
  8. Communication
  9. Control The Tongue

Lay Foundation, Priorities and Direction

Many couples never plan anything further than boyfriend and girlfriend. Sitting down with your partner and stating where you want to go what the relationship will be the difference between a stagnant friendship and a beautiful marriage.

Setting priorities help build the urgency of things to fix or build a foundation on pillars like integrity, love and trust. The direction of your relationship gives you an purpose and you can plan backwards to achieve it.

A Relationship Started After Courtship

The main reason why courtship is important is the prevention of wasted time with a person that is not committed or dedicated to fulfilling a lifelong relationship with you.

Courtship is a tool to keep faulty suitors at bay and focus on the best person to ascend to your throne.

Why waste the thing that you can’t get back, time. Before initiating a relationship, ensure that the courtship phase is established so the bond can be set for the future.

No Sex

In a relationship before marriage, celibacy is a powerful foundation tool.

Controlling desires and passions serves as a guide for the purpose of the relationship. If s/he has their passions and desires in control, they can be trusted in a marriage to control them also.

Passions and desires should never be outweighed your morals. Controlling intimacy in the relationship can prevent temptation.

If you know the end goal is marriage, controlling of intimacy can help you in the beginning.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

In a relationship building and cultivation, you have to be realistic with the situation at hand.

If you both are struggling, you can expect your partner to outperform what is possible with the current momentum.

This doesn’t mean not to plan and have accountability for development. Expectation should be mutual and does not put a burden or stress on your partner.

Planning For The Future

Planning for the future will create satisfaction with accomplishments. This includes going to school or having a child. If you plan for everything, you can adjust even if it doesn’t go according to plan.

Always plan together. Never let someone carry the burden of planning for the future.

Cultivate Weaknesses

Cultivating weakness is an issue many couples miss. Weakness should be addressed in the courtship phase but larger issues like P.T.S.D and anxiety can linger longer.

Weaknesses are realistic and burdens like childhood abuse or illnesses shouldn’t be viewed as a problem.

It should be cultivated to the point that the partner feels comfortable with you at their weak point.

Don’t Judge Shortcomings or Failures

When your partner lost their job or received a pricey speeding ticket, love and gentle rebuke the most needed.

It’s possible that bad judgement can cause problems but forgive and forget.

Don’t hold shortcomings over their head and threaten them. Forgive and forget.


Communication is key. Speak your mind with constructive rebuke. Communication doesn’t make you weak or less of a wo/man.

Communication is a powerful tool to compare thoughts and ideas and keep each other encouraged.

We still have individual journeys so we have to be realistic that stress takes a toll on our lives.

Who better to release your burdens of the daily stress with than your partner and crime.

Control The Tongue

Many people think because they are angry or emotional, they have a free pass to say what they want. Never disrespect your partner even if you are mad. Honor and Glory should be the highest priority for your King or Queen. Familiarity destroy relationships.


Reward and Relax

You deserve a night out. Look at this hard work you are doing and the dedication you have. You can rest assure that your hard work will pay off. Reward yourself in your partner for a job well done.

When we first started in our relationship, we didn’t have a strategy, an understanding of marriage or any hacks to feel less awkward and more confidence when around each other. If we had these things, we wouldn’t have struggled to develop our relationship.

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