Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About My Ex

[00:18] Introduction
[00:31] Queen Unique’s Reaction
[01:01] King Rick Answer
[01:41] Guy’s Emotions
[1:57] Co-worker References
[02:43] History vs History
[03:05] Hurt The Next Person
[03:48] Creating A Kingdom
[04:04] Pause The Relationships
[04:29] Why we are going into relationship
[04:47] How Guys View Women: 2 Categories
[05:31] Don’t Play
[05:41] How Serious Relationships Are
[06:29] Do Sex Create Babies
[06:35] Start With Self Love
[08:01] Celibacy Protection
[09:11] A True Goal of A Bad Guy
[10:01] Change Yourself
[10:52] Outro and Ebook

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